Gary A. Glickman, PhD, LMFT Body Centered Psychotherapy
Gary A. Glickman, PhD, LMFTBody Centered Psychotherapy 

      Hawaii Personal Intensives          



We host individuals, couples, and small groups  at our intimate and private retreat center on the Big Island, usually for weeklong personal transformative retreats, sometimes for weekend-long visits at the start or  tail-end of a longer Hawaii visit.

      “We” are your four-person host team, Gary Glickman, Stephan Hewitt, Kim Smith and Heather Celeste Walker. Together and individually, we hold space during your visit.

       Intensives are shaped to your individual needs and requests. But the usual visit combines one-on-one sessions, non-hierarchical shared contemplative time (such as walks, water-focused activities, slow-touring the picturesque Red Road, shared meals), a group movement-to-music session at our indoor-outdoor pavilion, balanced with supportive solitude and integration time.


               Visits usually include several private sessions with some or all of our team members: trauma-informed strength and flexibility sessions, self-defense awareness, massage therapy, (Kim), imaginal and somatic-informed healing inquiries, including time with our sand-tray collection (Heather, Stephan, Gary), tarot and astrology-informed counsel (Stephan), plein-air art-making, music and voice therapy (Gary), and the center-piece of our offering, a group-supported body-mind inquiry into leaving behind obsolete feeling and behavior adaptations that might be constricting and limiting your current life.

      Lodging is sometimes in one of our cottages, or at the almost-next-door Kalani Retreat Center, or at one of the many neighborhood Airbnb houses, according to availability.

            Send an email request for our fee rundown. For those who are able, we gratefully accept any donations on top of our fee, to enable other folks to visit who otherwise cannot spare the funds.


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