Gary A. Glickman, PhD, LMFT Body Centered Psychotherapy
Gary A. Glickman, PhD, LMFTBody Centered Psychotherapy 

Events in California and Hawaii (Big Island)

On this page you can check out some of the group-offerings I'm facilitating and co-facilitating, in Santa Monica, in the mountains above Lake Elsinore (near Capistrano), and on the Big Island of Hawaii .  


Current Event Offerings

Continuing Education Credits available. Please inquire if interested!

Mindful Movement/ Talking Story (Big Island)

August 11-19, 2018, annual Weeklong Retreat


  Our week together at the paradisical Kalani Retreat Center is dedicated to exploring the confluence of movement, words, and embodied witnessing —listening to the stories that the body carries and the movement that longs to be expressed. Mornings we move together to compelling music, afternoons we explore group dynamics in the thrilling nature of coastal Hawaii, and evenings we explore individual psyche, the effect of loving group attention on the impulses toward communion and healing.


Mountaintop Retreat Weekends at Pine Manor



       October 6-8, 2017

       Friday 2pm-Sunday 3pm


       October 27-29

         Friday 9am- Sunday 3pm

         Facilitator Training

        Friday lectures w/

THREEFOLD WAY founders Michael Sieck, PhD and  Jeff Turner, MFT



     IN the traditions of the Threefold Way*, we convene  for the  purpose of drawing wisdom from our own bodies, from our practice of mindful communing with each other, and from the practice of proximity and engagement with the natural world.



Together we will be:


Practicing Three C’s: 

Curiosity, Courage, Compassion


Practicing Autonomy in Communion


Practicing Counsel and

Community-Making in Challenging Times


Practicing individual exploration of what arises in a safe, compassion-focused group setting.


Offering small-group and two-person facilitation of individual or couples exploration


Practicing of mindful movement to compelling music.


Healing Touch

Massage and water-massage[2] sessions available.




[2] Gail Warner, MFT, the owner and host of Pine Manor, has a warm-pool dedicated to therapeutic water massage, a powerful and beautiful modality. Call Gail for details. (

Threefold Way in Santa Monica

I facilitate seasonal Sunday afternoon and ongoing group council in the tradition of Threefold Way:. healing-centered explorations of 


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