Gary A. Glickman, PhD, LMFT Body Centered Psychotherapy
Gary A. Glickman, PhD, LMFTBody Centered Psychotherapy 

       Gary A. Glickman PhD LMFT                                  

Healing for Heart, Mind, and Body

Frustrated by pre-packaged or cold answers to the most painful questions?

➢    Find it hard to say no?
➢    Ashamed to speak truthfully about what is most important and troubling?
➢    Discouraged or distrustful that positive change is even possible?


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I offer a therapy which helps you locate your deepest voice, identify and express your needs and desires effectively, and assert yourself with a new power in the world—a   deeper 'yes' to life. 

 • I believe people can and do change and grow and find greater meaning and joy, even when they believed no change or joy was possible.

 • I believe that love and imagination are the most powerful tools for change —even revolutionary change.

 • I believe  that the love you make is the love you take away with you.

 • I believe  that healing your relationship with yourself — your mind, your heart, and your body—transforms all the other relationships in your life.


     My name is Gary Glickman, and I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT both in Hawaii and California), with a doctorate in Clinical Somatic Psychology. I help people (both individuals and couples) move from painful crisis and long-term frustration into more stable, safe (and safe-feeling) times when they can begin the hard but gratifying work of making healthy, empowering changes to their relationships — with themselves and others. I consider pre-commitment counseling one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, your beloved, and your relationship. My professional and ethical stance is non-sectarian, non-judgmental, and is LBGTIQ affirmative!

    I use research-supported, soul-enriching, self-empowering counseling and coaching techniques to help you achieve mastery with your own choices, to transform crisis, frustration and emotional pain into a sense of meaning, through helping you empower yourself, and heal from the longterm effects of trauma.


Did you know. . . .

•    Painful styles of relationships
•    Depression
•    Anxiety
•    Fear
•    Low self-esteem
•    Inability to say 'No!'
•    Inability to say "Yes!"

—can often be traced to underlying trauma constrictions and frozen places that your body still holds, sometimes long after any particular incident? Recognizing and honoring the messages from your body can often be powerfully liberating from what’s kept you stuck emotionally.


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Call me at (310) 980-4188.

I offer a free phone consultation to potential clients

to answer any questions you might have.


My fee for individual counseling is $200 for a 50-minute session, pro-rated after that.
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